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We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to break through ceilings with you! Picking Daisies Media is a mother-daughter 100% Women Owned Business and a pioneer in our field of Social Media Marketing.

Picking Daisies Blog started in 2018 as a creative outlet for co-owner Mariah Zingarelli. During the first year of the blog being live, Mariah immersed herself into all things Social Media and grew her blog to 100k+ monthly readers, 10k Instagram Followers, and over 3.9 million monthly viewers on Pinterest. Since then Picking Daisies has evolved. While the blog and influencer page is still very much active, Mariah wanted to find a way to empower women and businesses by teaching them how to utilize their social media to its full potential. 

The power of social media is only getting stronger. From building a business on your phone as an influencer to reaching thousands of customers across the world. Picking Daisies Media is here to help you exceed your social media goals. Since Picking Daisies Media opened in 2020 we have worked with over 150+ influencers and hundreds of businesses and brands. Dani Stillman joined the Picking Daisies Media Team in 2021 bringing her public relations, business planning, accounting and strategy skills.

Picking Daisies Media is currently working with Google beta testing Google Stories as well as working to release various courses and challenges perfect for those just getting started or those looking to uplevel their platform.

We specialize in Influencer Marketing, Business Social Media Management and Expansion, Coaching Services and so much more. We are a one stop social media shop for businesses, brands, and influencers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s chat!

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